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Struggling with Resentment

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It’s been five months since my husband left us to work in Ethiopia and while the pain of separation had slowly numbed, I find myself struggle with something else: my feelings of resentment. I know I’m not the first nor the last nor the only one whose significant other has “abandoned” the Family ship to look for dry land and a greener pasture. I know I’m not the first nor the last nor the only wife and mother who has to juggle children and work. Many had been through that hell and survived. My own dear mother among them. And…

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That Color Purple: Ube Cupcakes

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I should be inserting something witty, funny, inspirational here before the recipe but I don’t have time to spare right now. Well, not that I have it in me to be witty, funny or inspirational but a friend is waiting for me to post this thing (Hi, Jo! :D). Truth be told, I’m not really sure if I will edit this once published. Chalk it up to motherhood, solo parenting, and four kids. There’s just so many things to do and not enough time in a day. I know, me and my excuses 😛 So I suggest you don’t hold…

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New Year, New Blog

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Hi! Thank you so much for dropping by. Since this is a new blog, your visit means a lot. I decided to start 2014 with a new blog. I already “maintain” a blog, My Kimcheed Life, but I decided to start a another one to chronicle the biggest of changes in my and my children’s lives. The past year had been tumultuous (to say the least) for my family and hometown. Despite not having any intention to relive all of those or to dwell on them further, I do feel the need for a platform where I can express how…

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