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Hi! It’s been a while since I’ve seriously updated this blog. So much has happened since I had stopped writing personal posts, primary of which was getting my ass into law school and finding myself drowning in all the legal terminologies and overwhelming pressure.

I am now in my third year, which I believe could actually kill me before the school year is over. Nobody ever told me it’d be a whole new level of craziness!!! I find it harder to catch up on all of my readings. Well, truth be told, motivation and drive are coming in on short order these days.

I didn’t entirely drop blogging as I had been in and out of here the past months to dump whatever case digests I have. I suck at notes taking and notes keeping so I figured my digests would be safer here.

Indeed this blog has been helpful on that end. It’s a fairly good system to avoid having to¬† re-read hundreds of decisions which could go so long! Had I not uploaded my digests here, I would have been poring over lists of Constitutional Law cases just to find that one case mentioned in our Criminal Procedure class. This had happened several times already and I’m of the belief that it will happen again in my last two years (fingers crossed!) in law school.

Anyways, I hope to be able to sustain blogging this time not only as a repository of cases but also as an escape from reality and a platform where I can discuss about all the craziness in my life.

Until next time, dear visitors!

PS: I appreciate all of you dropping by and I am encouraging fellow law students to visit frequently but it would be much cooler if you’d leave some comments. Thanks, all the same.

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  1. So happy to read your works so proud of you, your kindness and effort are priceless.
    Thank you for sharing your case digest its very helpful. May God provides the desires of your heart ^_^

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