Let Us Master the Rules on Civil Procedure

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As promised in my last post, here’s the first set of my codal flashcards that you can use to help you master the Rules on Civil Procedure.

We will start with Remedial Law because this is one of my weakest Bar subjects. I just hate procedures but I can’t afford to set this aside because as you know, Remedial Law gets the biggest slice of the Bar exams cake – a whooping 20%! Tanking Remedial Law is too big a risk to even consider so it would be best if I get it out of the way first.

FAIR WARNING: These is a work in progress so please be patient.

The flashcards already include the 2019 Amendments to the Rules on Civil Procedure and Evidence. A card that includes a year means it contains the new rule, and a card without a year indicates an old rule.

But enough talking and let’s get started shall we?

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