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Gone and Done It

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I hate myself sometimes. Well, ok, hate is too strong to use on myself, but it’s the most appropriate for the anger that I am directing at my person. I’m just in a rage of gigantic proportions right now! If you’ve been doing the Comment Exchange rounds via BC Bloggers since the start of the new year, you’ve probably noticed by now that this blog is practically empty. Yes, dearies, this post you are reading ended up being the first and only article on this blog. *hangs head* Here’s what happened: I woke up really early today (around 2AM) so I decided…

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My Dream Gadgets for 2015

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I consider myself a techie, a person who is either an expert in or enthusiastic about technology. Well, I’m more of the latter; technology excites me but I’m no expert. I can very seldom afford them, but I look forward to new gadgets even when it usually means I can only read about them. Now that I’ve decided to be more serious about blogging, I intend to equip myself with what I consider the tools of the trade. I have my laptop and desktop so I’ve got writing blog posts covered; the only struggle is in coming up with things and…

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A Failure Yet Again

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This I can easily admit: I really suck at blogging. Judging from this blog’s performance in the past year, it’s not a stretch at all to say that I’m a crappy blogger. Four posts in a year? Yeah, pretty pathetic! It’s not that nothing much is happening in my life, because there’s so many I’m already breathless just thinking of the things I need to do. I have so many things running in my mind even I can’t catch up. The thing is, I have very short attention span and really bad memory. Whenever I think of something to write…

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New Year, New Blog

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Hi! Thank you so much for dropping by. Since this is a new blog, your visit means a lot. I decided to start 2014 with a new blog. I already “maintain” a blog, My Kimcheed Life, but I decided to start a another one to chronicle the biggest of changes in my and my children’s lives. The past year had been tumultuous (to say the least) for my family and hometown. Despite not having any intention to relive all of those or to dwell on them further, I do feel the need for a platform where I can express how…

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