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People v Bolanos; G.R. No. 101808; 03 Jul 1992; 211 SCRA 262

FACTS: Accused-appellant was apprehended in connection with a murder case. When asked by the policemen while in the vehicle on the way to the police station, he admitted to killing the deceased. ISSUE(S): Whether or not the extrajudicial admission is admissible in evidence. RULING: NO. Being already under custodial investigation while on board the police […]

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People v Agustin; G.R. No. 110290; 25 Jan 1995; 240 SCRA 541

FACTS: Appellant was among those charged with murder, frustrated murder and attempted murder. Despite asking for his uncle who is a lawyer to assist him, he was given a different counsel who interviewed him in English and Tagalog but not in Ilocano, the only language he understands. Moreover, the counsel provided him was an associate […]

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People v Canela; G.R. No. 97086; 08 May 1992; 208 SCRA 842

FACTS: Appellant was arrested in a buy bust operation. Upon arrival at the NarCom headquarters, he conferred with an agent, then was later interrogated as to the identities of the persons who escaped the agents during the buy bust operation. ISSUE(S): Whether or not the appellant was properly informed of his constitutional rights. RULING: NO. […]

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People v Nicandro; G.R. No. 59378; 11 Feb 1986; 141 SCRA 289

FACTS: After the complaints and reports involving the illegal sale of prohibited drugs were verified, an entrapment operation was organized which yielded to the arrest of accused-appellant. Upon being investigated and after having been duly apprised of her constitutional rights, appellant orally admitted having sold the four (4) sticks of marijuana cigarettes and the ownership […]

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People v Espanola; G.R. No. 119308; 18 Apr 1997; 271 SCRA 689

FACTS: Appellants were identified in a police lineup as suspects in an investigation. Appellant Paquingan manifested his intention to confess after the information for rape with homicide was filed. Not having a counsel of his own choice, he was provided with the services of Atty. Leo Cahanap, a city legal officer, and Atty. Susan Echavez. […]

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