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Lozano v Martinez; G.R. No. L-63419; 18 Dec 1986; 146 SCRA 323

FACTS: Petitioners were charged with violations of Batas Pambansa Blg. 22. They each filed with the trial courts a motion to quash the information against them on the ground that the acts charged did not constitute a crime, the statute being unconstitutional. ISSUE(S): Whether or not B.P. 22 is repugnant to the constitutional protection against […]

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Sura v Martin; G.R. No. L-25091; 29 Nov 1968; 26 SCRA 286

FACTS: Appellant was the losing party in a civil case for support. The trial court ordered his arrest and imprisonment for failure to pay such support. ISSUE(S): Whether or not his arrest and imprisonment were illegal. RULING: YES. The sheriff’s return shows that the judgment debtor was insolvent. The orders, in effect, authorized his imprisonment […]

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Serafin v Lindayag; A.M. No. 297-MJ; 30 Sep 1975; 67 SCRA 166

FACTS: A criminal complaint for estafa filed against complainant did not charge any crime but merely recited her failure to pay a simple indebtedness. Respondent judge issued a warrant for her arrest. ISSUE(S): Whether or not respondent judge erred in ordering complainant’s imprisonment for non-payment of debt. RULING: YES. In admitting such a “criminal complaint” […]

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Louisiana v Resweber; 329 US 459

FACTS: Willie Francis, a 16-year-old black youth, was convicted of murder in Louisiana and sentenced to death by electrocution. On the appointed day, Francis was strapped in the chair and the executioner threw the switch. Electric current passed through Francis’s body but it was insufficient to kill him. The malfunction required a repair of the […]

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People v Echegaray; G.R. No. 117472; 07 Feb 1997; 267 SCRA 682

FACTS: Appellant was convicted of the crime of rape committed against his young daughter and was meted out the supreme penalty of death. ISSUE(S): Whether or not the re-imposition of the death penalty for heinous crimes violates the constitutional proscription against cruel, degrading or inhuman punishment. RULING: NO. The death penalty is imposed in heinous […]

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