On Graduating, Bar Review Plans, and Codal Flashcards

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I finally graduated, YAY!!! I’m not quite sure whether or not I deserved to because honestly, I had been mostly lazy during my senior year in law school. Had it not been for the COVID-19 lockdowns, there’s a high likelihood that I would have failed at least three subjects, all major ones at that! I am happy and grateful, make no mistake about it, but actually graduating also makes me uncomfortable.

But here we are so I might as well just accept it and do better by preparing hard for the BAR exams. I intended to defer for a year because I planned on taking advantage of the pandemic to read all of my books. But the ex-boyfriend had a different plan, and those of you who personally know me and my #LostStudent story, he’s the one who calls all the shots in all things law school-related. So, yeah, I woke up one day and found out that I’m already enrolled in review classes. Now that I don’t have a say in the issue, I decided to revive this blog while I [try to] master my codal provisions in earnest on top of finishing all of my readings.

So I made some flashcards to help me memorize my codal provisions using the spaced repetition method. I will try to squeeze in some time in the future to explain how spaced repetition works, but for now, I’ve decided to share my flashcards. Look forward to my future posts!

That’s it for now. Let us continue working hard and wishing each other the best in everything. Ad astra per aspera!

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