Painting the Town Red

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Unlike most women, I’m not very diligent when it comes to wearing makeup. I have nothing against women and makeup. Whatever one wants to do with her time and her face is her business. It’s just that vanity and I have never been the best of friends. If anything, I find it cumbersome (as in, REALLY tiring) to have to paint my face every single day. I don’t feel compelled to put that much effort to prettifying myself. I only put on makeup if and when I want to, not because I have to.

My interest in makeup had increased after my husband left 2013. I started splurging on makeup (foundation, lipstick, the whole shebang!) and watched many video tutorials on how to put on eyeliners and how to achieve a particular look. I even learned about the many different makeup brushes and their uses as well as tricks to make the eyes look bigger.

It turned out to be just a phase because after four months or so, I had stopped putting on makeup again. Mostly because I just couldn’t find the time to sit down and do my face. Excuses, excuses!

But last December, I once again got hooked on makeup, particularly, lipsticks. Red – bright, bloody – lipsticks, to be exact! I now have red lipsticks in my collection and I’m always wearing one these days to the bemusement and amusement of my friends.

My lips are sensitive, so I have always worn matte lipsticks because they make my lips chap less than creamy ones. Of late, however, I don’t discriminate as much. As long as it’s in a shade of red that I like, then I’ll wear it.

Here are my red lipsticks:

  1. Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet – This is my very first true red lipstick and my most expensive one too! It’s a liquid lipstick that dries into a matte finish that I adore!
  2. Mary Kay Creme Lipstick in Red Salsa – I love the color! It’s so bright and it makes my lips pop. My only problem with it is it doesn’t last as long as my Velvetine.
  3. Mary Kay Creme Lipstick in Red Rouge – This is the first red lipstick that I ever bought. I seldom use it because it’s on the darker shade of red but it’s still good.

My obsession with red lipsticks isn’t over yet and there are a bunch that I would like to buy later this year. In the meantime, I’ll stick with what I have and paint the town RED!

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    • We all have our personal preferences. I actually didn't like wearing red lipsticks before. Or more accurately, I didn't like wearing lipstick AT ALL! I don't understand it myself but I just realized I gravitated towards bright red lipsticks.

  1. I like the new obsession of Red Lipsticks Sis. I also don't put make up everyday just for special occasion. I can't wait for more of your collections.:)

    • I have compiled a list of red lipsticks to add to my collection, but I'm putting off buying them this year so I can complete my 52-Week Money Challenge. The lipsticks on my To-Buy list are quite pricey, so I'd rather save the money until I'm done with the challenge.

  2. I am not into makeup either. I said that I would start wearing lipstick when I hit 40. that would be less than 3 years from now. We'll see. I always say that kids do not wear makeup so nakakabata siguro ang walang makeup. hahah excuses. excuses.

  3. Love the red lips. I don't wear make up as well. But when I read about Naturactor I got hooked that bought it right away. I'm thinking of buying a make up kit too 🙂

    • I used to be like that too! I had many lipsticks in my bag (they were gifts from family and friends who wanted me to wear makeup) that I didn't use. Thankfully, I have a lipstick-obsessed mother who's always ready and happy for any hand-me-downs.

  4. Yeah, I can relate to that. Especially that I am just working from home, I don't feel there is a need for me to wear makeup. But once in my life, nainlove din ako sa red lipstick. That was a few months after I gave birth to my firstborn.

    • I just love how my face lights up when I wear red lipsticks. It's weird nga e that I'm into makeup now when my husband isn't here to appreciate the effort. But then again, I'm doing this for me and not for others. Bonus na lang if I get other people's approval.

  5. I admire women who can paint their faces beautifully because I can't. Red lipstick worn prettifies the face. It exudes confidence. I am okay with powder, a light blush and a lip gloss.

  6. I'm not into make up either. I love red lipsticks but my lips get easily chapped so I don't like putting anything on my lips that much. But every once in a while I use a little make up if needed. 🙂

  7. I used to own a super red lipstick but I realized that the shade is not for me. Now, I am still looking for the perfect shade something like coral…

  8. Blood red, for me, is attractive and the lady who wearing or using a red lipstick is beautiful and sexy to look at. I like the color red per se. (2nd comment – Gil Camporazo)

  9. good for you that you can wear bright red lipstick. I think I can't carry that look. so bold for me. I still need more confidence for that. hahaha

  10. I really love how red lips make my face pop up. In fact, I find that I don't need to put on heavy makeup. The red lipstick is enough to make me look put together.

  11. I'm like you sis. I don't like putting on makeup. I only put 3 things on my face BB cream, concealer and lipstick. I'm out the door in 15mins. haha

    Still I realized recently prettifying oneself is not just about vanity, it's also another way of taking care of yourself. It shows the world, I'm willing to invest time on how I present myself to people. Just don't do it in excess I guess, cause then that's just vanity. 😀

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