Imbong vs COMELEC; G.R. No. L-32432; 11 Sep 1970; 35 SCRA 28

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Congress passed Resolution No. 2 which called for a Constitutional Convention (ConCon) to propose constitutional amendments. The ConCon shall be composed of two delegates form each representative district who shall have the same qualifications as those of congressmen.

It later passed Resolution No. 4 amending Resolution No. 2, providing that the convention shall be composed of 320 delegates apportioned among existing representative districts according to the number of inhabitants. Each representative district shall be entitled to at least two delegates with the same qualifications as congressmen.

Finally, it enacted RA 6132 implementing Resolution Nos. 2 and 4.

Whether or not Paragraph 1, Section 8(a) of RA 6132 is unconstitutional.

NO. The equal protection of the law is not unduly subverted in Paragraph 1, Section 8(a) of RA 6132 because it does not create any hostile discrimination against any party or group nor does it confer undue favor or privilege on an individual.

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