Anti Graft League of the Philippines vs CA; G.R. No. 97787; 01 Aug 1996; 260 SCRA 250

President Marcos issued P.D. 674 establishing the Technological College of Rizal. It made the Provincial Board purchase four parcels of land from Ortigas & Co., Ltd. totaling to 192,177 sq.m. at P110.00 per sq.m. The land remained unused for 12 years so the Board passed Resolution 87-205, allowing the governor to sell the land. It was then sold to Valleyview Realty Development Corp. for P700 per sq.m. The new provincial board issued Resolution 88.65 rescinding the sale between the province and Valleyview because of the low sale price. Petitioners allege the provincial board illegally disbursed public land.

Whether or not petitioner has locus standi to file the case.

Disbursement of public funds was only made when the province bought the lands from Ortigas in line with the objective of P.D. 674.

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