Bondoc vs Pineda; G.R. No. 97710; 26 Sep 1991; 201 SCRA 792

The House Electoral Tribunal (HRET) reached a decision on the election contest between Marciano Pineda and Emigdio Bondoc in favor of the latter. Representative Juanito Camasura, Jr., a member of the ruling party and one of the House’s representatives in the HRET was removed from the party for disloyalty. With Camasura’s ouster, the House of Representatives resolved to withdraw his nomination and rescind his election as a member of the HRET.

Whether or not the move of the House of Representatives to change its representation in the House Electoral Tribunal is constitutional.

NO. The action of the House of Representatives is violative of the Constitutional mandate which create the HRET to be the “sole judge” of the election between Pineda and Bondoc.

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