Civil Aeronautics Administration vs COMELEC; G.R. No. L-51806; 08 Nov 1988; 167 SCRA 28

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Private respondent went to the Manila International Airport to meet his future son-in-law. To get a  better view of incoming passengers, he and his group proceeded to the viewing deck of the airport. While walking to the terrace, private respondent slipped over an elevation about 4 inches high. As a result, he fell on his back and broke his thigh bone.

Whether or not petitioner can be exempted from suit.

NO. R.A. 776 (Civil Aeronautics Act) did not alter the character of the petitioner’s objective under E.O. 365. The pertinent provision cited in the NAC vs Teodoro case which led the court to consider petitioner in the category of a private entity were retained in R.A. 776.

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