Southeast Asian Fisheries Devt Center vs NLRC; G.R. Nos. 97468-70; 02 Sep 1993; 241 SCRA 580

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Private respondent filed a complaint for illegal dismissal against petitioner, in which the Labor Arbiter rendered a decision ordering petitioner to reinstate the former to his former position with full back wages and to pay moral damages.

Whether or not the NLRC has jurisdiction over the case.

NO. One of the basic immunities of an international organization is immunity from local jurisdiction, that it is immune from the legal writs and processes issued by tribunals of the court where it is found. The obvious reason for this is that the subjection of such an organization to the authority of the local courts would afford a convenient medium thru which the host government may interfere in their operation or even influence or control its policies and decisions of the organization. It would compromise the desired impartiality of the organization since it will have to suit its actuation to the requirements of the Philippine law, which may not necessarily coincide with the interest of the other member-States.

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