WHO vs Aquino; G.R. No. L-35131; 29 Nov 1972; 48 SCRA 242

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Petitioner is a recognized official of the World Health Organization. His personal belongings contained in twelve crates entered the Philippines as unaccompanied baggage were allowed free entry from duties and taxes. Respondent judge issued a search warrant upon the request of respondent officers of the Constabulary Offshore Action Center (COSAC) for alleged violation of the Tariff and Customs Code.

Whether or not search and seizure of petitioner’s personal belongings was legal.

NO. Petitioner is entitled to diplomatic immunity as recognized by the executive branch of the government. Such diplomatic immunity carries with it, among other diplomatic privileges and immunities, personal inviolability, inviolability of the official’s properties, exemption from local jurisdiction, adn exemption from taxation and customs duties.

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