Alliance of Gov’t Workers v Ministry of Labor; G.R. No. L-60403; 03 Aug 1983; 124 SCRA 1

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Petitioner is a labor federation of unions of in government-owned corporations and state schools took collective action to demand the inclusion of government employees in the coverage of PD 851 which requires employers to pay their employees receiving not more than P1,000 a month a 13th month pay.

Whether or not may act through labor federations which uses the collective bargaining power to secure increased compensation for its members.

NO. It is the legislature or, in proper cases, the administrative heads of government and not the collective bargaining process nor the concessions wrung by labor unions from management that determine how much the workers in government-owned or controlled corporations may receive in terms of salaries, 13th month pay, and other conditions or terms of employment.

Petition is DISMISSED.

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