Asiavest v CA; GR No. 110263; 20 Jul 2001

In 1985, the High Court of Malaysia issued two separate orders directing Philippine National Construction Corporation (PNCC), a Filipino company, to pay Asiavest Merchant Bankers (M) Berhad, a Malaysian company, a total of $5,108,290.24 for PNCC’s failure to complete a construction project. PNCC failed to comply with the judgment, prompting Asiavest to institute a complaint in the Philippines.

Whether or not the judgment of a foreign court may be enforced in the Philippines.

YES. Section 50(b), Rule 39 of the Revised Rules of Court provides that a judgment against a person of a tribunal of a foreign country having jurisdiction to pronounce the same is presumptive evidence of a right as between the parties and their successors in interest by a subsequent title.

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