Callanta v Villanueva; G.R. No. L24646 & L-24674; 20 Jun 1977; 77 SCRA 377

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The City Fiscal has shown intent to prosecute petitioner for charges of grave oral defamation. After conducting his preliminary examination and after acquiring jurisdiction over the petitioner, respondent Court referred the criminal complaints to the City Fiscal. Arraignment and hearing of the cases were postponed because the City Fiscal was investigating them. At the proceedings, the City Fiscal entered his appearance for the government and manifested his readiness for trial.

Whether or not warrants of arrest issued were valid.

YES. Posting the required bail to obtain her provisional liberty renders the issuance of the warrants valid. Posting of a bail bond constitutes a waiver of any irregularity attending the arrest of a person, estops him from discussing the validity of his arrest.

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