Caoibes v Ombudsman; GR No. 132177; 19 Jul 2001; 413 Phil 717

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Judgest Jose Caoibes, Jr. and Florentino Alumbres were embroiled in an altercation resulting to the latter filing before the Office of the Ombudsman a criminal complaint for physical injuries, malicious mischief and assault upon a person in authority against the former. Alumbres also filed an administrative case against Caoibes with the Supreme Court.

Whether or not the Office of the Ombudsman should defer action on the criminal complaint pending resolution of the Supreme Court for appropriate action.

YES. Under Section C, Article VIII of the Constitution, it is the Supreme Court which is vested with exclusive administrative supervision over all courts and its personnel. The Ombudsman cannot determine for itself and by itself whether a criminal complaint against a judge, or court employee, involves administrative matter.

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