Columbia Pictures, Inc. v Court of Appeals; G.R. No. 111267; 20 Sep 1996; 262 SCRA 219

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A search warrant was issued pursuant to information received that private respondent violated Presidential Decree No. 49 (Protection of Intellectual Property). The trial court granted private petitioner’ motion to quash said search warrant for being a general warrant, applying the 20th Century Fox decision. The quashal was affirmed by the respondent Court.

Whether or not the 20th Century Fox decision is applicable to the motion to quash the search warrant.

NO. The 20th Century Fox ruling cannot be retroactively applied to the instant case to justify the quashal of the search warrant. Judicial interpretation becomes a part of the law as of the date that law was originally passed, subject only to the qualification that when a doctrine of this Court is overruled and a different view is adopted, and more so there is a reversal thereof, the new doctrine should be applied prospectively and should not apply to parties who relied on the old doctrine and acted in good faith.

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