Defensor-Santiago v Vasquez; G.R. Nos. 99289-90; 27 Jan 1993; 217 SCRA 633

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Petitioner posted a cash bond for her provisionary liberty in connection with an information filed against her for violation of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act. The Sandiganbayan issued a hold-departure order after it was revealed in the media that she intended to leave the country to study.

Whether or not the hold-departure order violates petitioner’s right to travel.

NO. The hold-departure order is but an exercise of the court’s inherent power to preserve and to maintain the effectiveness of its jurisdiction over the case and the person of the accused. Under the obligations assumed by petitioner in her bail bond she holds herself amenable at all times to the orders and processes of the court, she may legally be prohibited from leaving the country during the pendency of the case.

Petition is DENIED for lack of merit.

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