Forbes v Chuoco Tiaco; G.R. No. L-6157; 30 Jul 1910; 16 Phil 534

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Defendant Chinese national was deported to China and was allegedly threatened to be deported again when he came back to the Philippines. He filed for a preliminary injunction prohibiting plaintiffs from deporting him. Said injunction was issued by the Court of First Instance.

Whether or not the political rights of aliens are protected by due process of law.

NO. The political rights of aliens is not governed by that “due process of law” which governs in dealing with their civil rights. The certificate of admission is a mere license and may be revoked at any time. An alien’s right to remain in the territory of a foreign government is purely a political one and may be terminated at the will of such government. No cases have been found, and it is confidently asserted that there are none, which establish a contrary doctrine.

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