German v Barangan; G.R. No. 68828; 27 Mar 1985; 135 SCRA 514

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Petitioners, wearing yellow shirts, marched with raised clenched fist and shouts of anti-government sentiments on their way to a chapel which adjoins Malacanang Palace. They were stopped from getting the church and were told that any similar attempt to enter the church will likewise be prevented.

Whether or not the prohibition on petitioners from worshiping and praying at the chapel violates their freedom to worship.

NO. While it is beyond debate that every citizen has the undeniable and inviolable right to religious freedom, the exercise thereof, and of all fundamental rights for that matter, must be done in good faith. Even assuming that petitioners’ claim to the free exercise of religion is genuine and valid, there is still the necessity of securing the lives of the President and his family, as well as other government officials, diplomats and foreign guests transacting business with Malacañang as well as to maintain the smooth functioning of the executive branch of the government.

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