JMM Production and Management v CA; G.R. No. 120095; 05 Aug 1996; 260 SCRA 319

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The government created the Entertainment Industry Advisory Council (EIAC) which was tasked with issuing guidelines on the training, testing certification and deployment of performing artists abroad. As a result of such guidelines, the Department of Labor issued department orders requiring an Artist Record Book for performing artists for deployment abroad.

Whether or not the assailed department orders violated the equal protection guarantee of the constitution.

NO. The equal protection clause is directed principally against undue favor or class privilege. It is not intended to prohibit legislation which is limited to the object to which it is directed or by the territory in which it is to operate. It does not require absolute equality, but merely that all persons be treated alike under like conditions both as to privileges conferred and liabilities imposed. The equal protection clause of the constitution does not forbid classification for so long as such classification is based on real and substantial differences having a reasonable relation to the subject of the particular legislation. If classification is germane to the purpose of the law, concerns all members of the class, and applies equally to present and future conditions, the classification does not violate the equal protection guarantee.

Petition is DENIED.

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