Kwong Sing v City of Manila; G.R. No. 15972; 11 Oct 1920; 41 Phil 103

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The City of Manila enacted Ordinance No. 532 which requires all laundry establishments in the city to issue receipts in English and Spanish.

Whether or not Ordinance No. 532 is invalid for being arbitrary and oppressive.

NO. The ordinance invades no fundamental right, and impairs no personal privilege. Under the guise of police regulation, an attempt is not made to violate personal property rights. The ordinance is neither discriminatory nor unreasonable in its operation. It applies to all public laundries without distinction, whether they belong to Americans, Filipinos, Chinese, or any other nationality. All, without exception, and each [and] everyone of them without distinction, must comply with the ordinance. There is no privilege, no discrimination, no distinction. Equally and uniformly the ordinance applies to all engaged in the laundry business, and, as nearly as may be, the same burdens are cast upon them.

Judgment is AFFIRMED. Petition is DISMISSED.

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