UP v Regino; GR No. 88167; 03 May 1993; 221 SCRA 598

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Angel Pamplina, a mimeograph operator at the University of the Philippines School of Economics, was dismissed on 22 Jun 1982 after he was found guilty of dishonesty and grave misconduct for causing the leakage of final examination questions in Economics 106 under Prof. Solita Monsod.

Whether or not CSC has jurisdiction over the university which was vested under its charter, Act No. 1870, with academic freedom and institutional autonomy.

YES. As a mere government-owned or controlled corporation, UP was clearly a part of the Civil Service under the 1973 Constitution and now continues to do so because it was created by a special law and has an original charter. As a component of the Civil Service, UP is therefore governed by P.D. 807 and administrative cases involving the discipline of its employees come under the appellate jurisdiction of the Civil Service Commission.

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