Volkschel Labor Union v Bureau of Labor Relations; G.R. No. L-45824; 19 Jan 1985; 137 SCRA 42

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Petitioner and the Associated Labor union of Metal Workers (ALUMETAL) jointly entered into a collective bargaining agreement with respondent companies where it was agreed that the respondent company will make payroll deductions twice a month for membership dues and other fees/fines. After some time, a majority of petitioner’s members decided to disaffiliate from respondent federation in order to operate on its own as an independent labor group.

Whether or not petitioner union’s disaffiliation from respondent federation valid.

YES. A local union, being a separate and voluntary association, is free to serve the interest of all its members including the freedom to disaffiliate when circumstances warrant.

Petition is GRANTED. Assailed resolutions are REVERSED and SET ASIDE.

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