Angeles v Director of New Bilibid Prison; G.R. No. 101302; 25 Jan 1995; 240 SCRA 490

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Petitioner was charged with and convicted of violations of the Dangerous Drugs Act. He was sentenced to suffer the penalty of life imprisonment. He filed a petition for habeas corpus after the enactment of Republic Act No. 7659 which has reduced the penalties prescribed under the original provisions of the Dangerous Drugs Act, and the recent ruling of the Supreme Court which has confirmed the retroactive application of the above-numbered amendatory law.

Whether or not only the Supreme Court may entertain petitions for habeas corpus involving persons convicted of drug-related offenses prior to the effectivity of RA 7659.

NO. All courts of competent jurisdiction may entertain petitions for habeas corpus to consider the release of prisoners convicted of violation of the Dangerous Drugs Act who have served the maximum of the applicable penalties newly prescribed by RA 7659. The formalities required for petitions for habeas corpus shall be construed liberally, and such petitions, although deficient in form, may be entertained so long as they are sufficient in substance.

Petition is DISMISSED for being premature.

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