Mejia v Pamaran; G.R. Nos. L-56741-42; 15 Apr 1988; 160 SCRA 457

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Petitioner was found guilty of violation of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act for using her position as branch clerk of court to demand and receive money from the persons involved in certain cases in consideration of a promise that she will help in getting them a favorable judgment. Under P.D. No. 1606, petitioner is only afforded one stage of appeal.

Whether or not petitioner was denied due process.

NO. If an accused has been heard in a court of competent jurisdiction, and proceeded against under the orderly processes of law, and only punished after inquiry and investigation, upon notice to him, with an opportunity to be heard, and a judgment awarded within the authority of a constitutional law, then he has had due process of law.

Petition for review is DENIED for lack of merit.

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