People v Echegaray; G.R. No. 117472; 07 Feb 1997; 267 SCRA 682

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Appellant was convicted of the crime of rape committed against his young daughter and was meted out the supreme penalty of death.

Whether or not the re-imposition of the death penalty for heinous crimes violates the constitutional proscription against cruel, degrading or inhuman punishment.

NO. The death penalty is imposed in heinous crimes because the perpetrators thereof have committed unforgivably execrable acts that have so deeply dehumanized a person or criminal acts with severely destructive effects on the national efforts to lift the masses from abject poverty through organized governmental strategies based on a disciplined and honest citizenry, and because they have so caused irreparable and substantial injury to both their victim and the society and a repetition of their acts would pose actual threat to the safety of individuals and the survival of government, they must be permanently prevented from doing so.

Motion for Reconsideration and Supplemental Motion for Reconsideration are DENIED for lack of merit.

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