People v Sandiganbayan; G.R. No. 101724; 03 Jul 1992; 211 SCRA 241

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Private respondent was charged in 1989 with a violation of Republic Act 3019 for acts allegedly committed in 1976. The Sandiganbayan granted his motion to quash on the ground of prescription.

[Write a little the passage of BP 195, increasing prescription from 10 years to 15.]

Whether or not Batas Pambansa Blg. 195, an amendatory law which increased prescription from 10 years to 15, is applicable to the case at bar.

NO. To apply, BP 195 to private respondent would make it an ex post facto law for it would alter his situation to his disadvantage by making him criminally liable for a crime that had already been extinguished under the law existing when it was committed.

Petition for review is DENIED for lack of merit.

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