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Hi! Thank you so much for dropping by. Since this is a new blog, your visit means a lot.

I decided to start 2014 with a new blog. I already “maintain” a blog, My Kimcheed Life, but I decided to start a another one to chronicle the biggest of changes in my and my children’s lives. The past year had been tumultuous (to say the least) for my family and hometown. Despite not having any intention to relive all of those or to dwell on them further, I do feel the need for a platform where I can express how I feel about them and share what I’m doing (or trying to do) to take my mind off of them.

I have been remiss in my blogging duties in 2013 that I resolve to be a better and more productive blogger this year. Which is really funny because I have never been one to believe in or have New Year’s resolutions. I mean, what’s the point when I already know I won’t be keeping them? But, yes, even just for the sake of having something else to do to keep me busy I will strive to post regularly.

(Do please excuse the poor state of this blog as I will still have to finalize it’s overall look. Quite a challenge especially for someone not blessed with creative juices, but I will definitely work on it!)

Anyway, here’s to the new year and new adventures. I wish my family, friends and everybody else more blessings and the best of everything in 2014. Happy New Year, everyone!

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    • Hi Jo! Your excitement makes me happy and scared at the same time hahaha! Like I told you, I don’t ever promote any of my blogs to family and friends because I’m quite shy about my writing. But what the heck, welcome to my little space in this big, big blogosphere! Hope you’ll enjoy your visits here.

      Weeeee, I have a follower now! *happy dance*

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