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I hate myself sometimes.

Well, ok, hate is too strong to use on myself, but it’s the most appropriate for the anger that I am directing at my person. I’m just in a rage of gigantic proportions right now!

If you’ve been doing the Comment Exchange rounds via BC Bloggers since the start of the new year, you’ve probably noticed by now that this blog is practically empty. Yes, dearies, this post you are reading ended up being the first and only article on this blog. *hangs head*

Here’s what happened:

I woke up really early today (around 2AM) so I decided to write a new post. After a while, the site went bonkers but it turned out to be a server problem. I don’t know what got into my head but I decided to remove old WordPress installations from my Hostgator account. And as you might have guessed, I uninstalled this blog. It was already too late when I noticed what I did.


I am such a babo, I could very well be the idiotic blogger from Zamboanga City!

Re-installing WordPress is easy, but I had already lost the old database and, with it, my old posts and your comments.

Arrrrgggghhhh, I really can’t beat myself enough!

Oh well.

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    • WordPress is pretty simple, actually. The problem is the database was deleted when I uninstalled the blog from the server. If only I had backed up my site regularly, I would have been able to restore most if not all of my blog posts.

    • Yun na nga sis. Reinstalling per se is not a problem kung nakapag-backup lang ako ng database ko. Kaso hindi, so I lost all blog posts and comments. I just hope hindi mag-reset yung stats ko

        • Hi sis! Oo nga, I lost my blogging steam after what happened but I did decide to move on after venting here. I just didn't get to blog nga lang because I became very busy with the kids and work.

          But everything is ok na, thanks to our fellow BC Bloggers na tumulong. I forgot to consider that my host could have a copy of my old database. I contacted them earlier this morning and was able to get a copy. Good thing they still did not make a full backup this week pa; otherwise, overwritten na talaga sya.

  1. Ooh, that's terrible. I have been reading about bloggers advising others to regularly back up their blog. I think I should start doing it too

    • I really didn't expect this would happen to me, but then again who does? Dapat nga talaga we should regularly backup our blogs for any eventuality. Lesson learned.

  2. I started my blog in WordPress but after one post, I realized WordPress is too complicated for me so I switch to blogger. 🙂 I don't know what will I do if this happens to me, maybe I will cry a lot. Sayang ang post.

    • It's the opposite for me sis. I found blogger difficult hahaha. I'd advise that you backup your blog regularly so you won't end up like me. (Knocks on wood)

  3. I did deleted post before and nasayangan ako talaga but just keep on going and continue. I know how frustrating it is and by sharing your experience you might surprised na hindi ka pala nag iisa. Cheers lang Sis and looking forward for your next post. http://www.wish4less.com

    • Why didn't I think of asking my host is just beyond me. Maybe I was too overcome with "grief". As you can see, my old posts are back along with your comments. I cannot thank you enough for pointing me to the right direction.

  4. I think you can still get a backup of your blog. You can try to contact your host. And it is also good to backup our blogs every now and then just to be sure that everything we worked hard for will not be wasted. Hugs!

    • Hi sis! I contacted my host earlier this morning and good thing they haven't made new backups yet. Otherwise, they would have overwritten their previous backups and I would have already lost all hope of restoring old posts plus comments.

      As you can see, everything's back now. Thank you very much for your help.

    • Thanks sis! I did get sad losing all of the hard work, but I'm ok now. I'm also thankful to all BC Bloggers for the support and outpouring of love. Hugs to all of you. You are the best!

    • I'm feeling ok na sis, thanks. I was prepared to just move on na, but thanks to Sis Dominique, Sis Kareen and Brod Cavitenio, I was able to secure a backup copy of my database. Buti na lang talaga!

  5. Oh no! Honestly, the thought of accidentally losing all my old blog posts is one of the reasons why I haven't gotten my own .com. Nakakatakot.
    Anyway, that's a lesson learned the hard way I guess. At least you know what to do to prevent this from happening again. I hope everything's ok now, though. Hugs! 🙂

    • Thanks sis! I agree, lesson learned talaga. But everything is fine now. Thanks to three very helpful fellow BC Bloggers, I was able to secure a backup of my old database so, voila! My old posts and your comments are back!

  6. Sad to hear of your challenges with your blog posts and I am sure everything is all sorted out now.
    I encourage you to backup your works in the future.
    Best regards.

    • Thanks, sis! What can I say, challenges are here to strengthen us. I have decided to finally move on na but thanks to fellow BC Bloggers I was still able to restore my old posts and all your comments.

    • I contacted my host earlier this morning and thankfully they still have not done a new full backup of their servers so I was able to get a copy of my old database. Thank you talaga for pointing me to the right direction.

  7. Look at the bright side- Blank slate. You can start all over with renewed enthusiasm. Hopefully. I understand the panic you might have felt. Sayang nga. We learn from our mistakes. Hope you are okay now.

    • Thanks sis! I was already prepared to move on after venting my frustrations in this post. Putting a positive spin to what happened, I decided to look at it like a lesson learned the hard way. But it turned out, all hope is not lost yet. In my self-loathing, I forgot that my host may have a copy of my old database. Buti na lang talaga! I contacted my host earlier this morning and, tada!, my old posts and all your comments are back!

  8. I used to use wordpress and that happened to me too. A lot. *haha* My blog kept getting reinvented. Funny thing though I felt inspired to blog after each wipe. Clean slate, I guess. Later on I decided I didn't want to think too much of the blog so I opted for blogspot.

    • I did try using blogspot before, but I found it very difficult to use. It was also frustrating when I couldn't find a template I like (I'm not the creative type, didn't have time to learn how to code, and wasn't ready to pay for a custom template hahaha).

  9. Oh, sorry to read about this. It does happen sometimes. I'm sorry I can't help in anyway 'cause I'm not very familiar with WordPress. But wait, there are still other posts naman ah?

  10. I also never try wordpress yet as I am thinking that maybe it's a bit complicated for me. I find Blogger platform a lot easier. Hope you'll get over that feeling.

  11. Yeaouch! I was cringing while I was reading this post. This is one of those things they will feature in that old show "Seconds from Disaster" if they have one for the blogging world. Sayang! I hope you'll feel better about this soon. The deletion didn't include your writing prowess so you'll get back in track. 😉

  12. Oh no! Same thing happened to me, I didn't know you can migrate the blogger to wordpress, so when I tried it (without consulting an expert), there, I lost all my archives… So, I started afresh with wordpress- totally new lahat..

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