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Forging on in 2016

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It wasn’t that long when we ushered in 2015 and now we’re bidding it goodbye. It came like a spring breeze and in a few hours it would be gone.

It sure wasn’t the easiest of years for me what with the multiple dengue scares, marital troubles, personal dilemmas (midlife crises?), to name a few. Even my beloved Zamboanga City had been tested a number of times.

Still there were so many things for which my family and I – and the whole of Zamboanga City – are grateful. My children continue to be healthy and I am gainfully employed. We still get into petty arguments but I’m proud to say that my husband and I will always be each other’s supporter and critic. I’m confident that, despite our clashing personalities, our love for each other and our children will remain strong.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to sustain my momentum as a blogger and baker. I started with all engines running, only for the energy to fizzle out. But I’d say it’s not too late to pick up from where I left of and start all over again, right?

I still have not finished prepping for our simple Media Noche, so I’ll be wrapping this up. But before I do, my family and I wish you all a blessed 2016 ahead. Happy New Year everyone!!!

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