The Birth of a Baker

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I have always been interested in baking, but it wasn’t until December 2013 that I finally started doing it because my husband was so against it.

He is usually supportive of my hobbies. He lets me do the things that I enjoy because he believes that “a happy wife means a happy life.” It’s just that he has seen me many times go crazy over a new hobby only to lose interest in it a few months after. So he drew the line because he cannot allow me to invest in expensive baking tools that may just end up in storage once I move on to another interest.

Year after year I begged him and year after year he said no but after he left to work in Ethiopia, I finally got myself an oven. *happy dance* I wasn’t sneaky about it, I promise! I still discussed it with him. He initially said “No,” citing the same reasons, but he finally relented when I argued that I needed the distraction.

I made it no secret to him that I was (and still am) against his decision to work overseas. I took his departure very badly to the point where I had started resenting him. I’m not proud to admit this but I had picked fights with him in the five months or so that he’d been away because I couldn’t stand the loneliness and I especially resented feeling abandoned. So I implored him to let me take up baking so my mind would be engaged in a more positive and productive activity, and fortunately he agreed.

Since then, I have made several baked goodies (I’ve shared some recipes here and here) which I made my workmates eat. I also baked a cake for my husband when he came home last year. Regrettably, I have not baked anything after that because life became so hectic I couldn’t find the time and the energy to use the oven.

Now that I resumed blogging activities, I’m thinking of picking up my spatula once again to bake some delicious cupcakes for the kids. And with Queen Ella’s birthday very soon, I have the perfect excuse to bake again.

So which one do I make?

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  1. You should really pick up the spatula and start baking again sis.. I recently started baking using a small electric oven, and it is really fun, addictive and at the same time costly. This year I'm a saving for an oven a gas range perhaps. 🙂

    • I'm happy to report that I've already resumed my baking activities. I will be blogging about it sometime this week so please watch out for it.

      I hope you would be able to upgrade your oven. Mine is a gas tabletop oven. I originally wanted an electric oven but since we often suffer from power outages (especially in the summer), I figured it would be more practical to buy a gas oven.

  2. Happy to know that you already started baking. I also started baking last year but until now, only cookies and baked pasta were considered perfect. Cupackes? Disaster! hehehe

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