A Failure Yet Again

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This I can easily admit: I really suck at blogging. Judging from this blog’s performance in the past year, it’s not a stretch at all to say that I’m a crappy blogger. Four posts in a year? Yeah, pretty pathetic!

It’s not that nothing much is happening in my life, because there’s so many I’m already breathless just thinking of the things I need to do. I have so many things running in my mind even I can’t catch up.

The thing is, I have very short attention span and really bad memory. Whenever I think of something to write about and don’t get to write about it right away, I tend to forget about it. And even when I do sit down immediately to start writing, the idea goes poof and I’m left staring at the screen trying to remember what it was I wanted to write. Maybe it’s my age that’s to blame?

In the rare event that I do come up with one possible topic, another problem would present itself: my inability to make them interesting. Storytelling is a weakness; I don’t know how to make my posts interesting. I am such a boring, uninteresting storyteller that I can even put myself to sleep with my own stories. How about that!

Then I start second-guessing myself. I’m my biggest and worst critic. One of the blogging how-to site that I read when I started blogging some four years ago said that one should not edit while writing. The writer said that a budding blogger should just write freely as the ideas come and not worry about grammar or what-nots. But I could never do that! I always check and re-check what I’ve written every four words or so that I end up editing my post too much that what other ideas I wanted to include would have already flown away. Arrrrggghhhhh!!!

Now that 2014 is behind me, I wish to blog more and better. (I know, I’ve made this resolution last year. That article is still showing on this blog’s front page, isn’t it?) This time, I am fully committing myself as part of my plan to reinvent myself for 2015. I might just write about that plan in detail at a later date, but right now I just want to bid my crappy blogger past adieu. So long, sucker!

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  1. I hope that you will be able to kick start your blogging mojo this year. Actually I feel that it is okay to edit while your post is in draft as I do it all the time. I also do have a blogging schedule/ planner to jot down ideas ( both in paper and on the pc) so that I can revisit ideas later on to expand on it.

    • I actually installed an Editorial Calendar so I'd know what to write on which day. Sadly, I'm very bad at following my own plan. A blogging planner would be good, if only I could remember to ACTUALLY write my ideas down. I've a long way to go, haven't I?

    • Thank you! Yes, it's good to be blogging again. I just hope I can keep up the momentum because I'd really want blogging to become a part of my online experience. Also, it wouldn't hurt if blogging could open up a new income stream for me.

  2. As far as I am concerned, you write so well. You can express yourself well. The only thing that I don't like in your post is the word "suck" and "sucker". Why do you need to use them. If you're what you write, there's no need to use those words or terms that have a bad meaning or connotation. Whether you take it or not, just only a suggestion for you're sharing your blog to others whom you couldn't fathom or understand their way of thinking or whatever. Anyway, I will tell the secret of writing so as you won't miss anything is to discipline yourself and maintain a diary or a journal for things you do, good or bad, or whatever. Presto! You will be surprised that it is a vital, handy reference for your ideas, thoughts to get into and put them in writing like blogging. Goodluck!

    • Thanks, you're very kind to say that. And I apologize for my choice of words. I agree, I should be careful of my words because I can easily be misinterpreted.

    • I agree, blogging is not easy but that's no reason for us to give up. As they say, the more you do something the easier it gets. Here's hoping 2015 would be our year!

  3. Sir Gil is right. It would be handy to have a notebook with you all the time to jot down all your ideas. That way, they won't fly away. 🙂 Happy new year! May you achieve your blogging goals this year.

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