Bring It On, 2015

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Happy New Year, everyone!

Despite having to endure the hardships and loneliness of being a single parent while waiting for my husband to finish his contract in Ethiopia, the past year had been generally good for me and my family. So many things have happened – both good and bad – but I will only write about two that impacted my family.

First, I am extremely grateful that none of my kids had been hospitalized. Thank God for that! I was especially worried for my eldest daughter because she has very weak lungs. While each kid did see their pediatrician in separate occasions last year, it was only due to fever and nothing serious. As a mother (and a solo parent at that), my children’s health and well-being is always of paramount concern. So for us to bid 2014 goodbye sans any major medical incidence is something to be thankful for.

Second, we were also lucky to have spent two month as a complete family when my husband came home for his vacation. The kids enjoyed spending time with their dad again after eight months of separation. It was funny (and heartbreaking) how little Yna just stared at her Dada. She’s was only a year old so maybe she didn’t understand what was happening. She just stared and stared. It took her around 2-3 days before she finally Dada carry her and they had been inseparable since. Well, until Dada had to go back to Ethiopia again.

Like everyone else, I too don’t know what 2015 has in store for me and my family. I can only wish that we will be blessed with the better health, good fortune, success and lasting peace. There’s no saying if this year will be any better or worse that the last but join me in saying: BRING IT ON, 2015!

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