Meralco v Pasay Trans Co; GR No. L-37878; 25 Nov 1932; 57 Phil 600

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The Manila Electric Company filed a petition requesting the members of the Supreme Court to fix the terms upon which certain transportation companies shall be permitted to use the Pasig bridge of the Manila Electric Company and the compensation paid to the latter. This relates to the validity of Section 11 of Act No. 1446 and to the legal right of the members of the Supreme Court, sitting as a board of arbitrators, to act on the petition.

Whether or not the Supreme Court can sit as board of arbitrators.

NO. The Supreme Court of the Philippines represents one of the three divisions of power in the government. The Supreme court and its members should not and cannot be required to exercise any power, to perform any task, or to assume any duty pertaining to or connected with the administration of judicial functions.

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