SB v Judge Estrella; A.M. No. 01-1608-RJT; 16 Jan 2001

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Ricardo Papa, Jr. and Isidro Garcia ran for the mayoral post in the May 1995 elections where the latter was proclaimed winner. Papa impugned the results of all 713 precincts in the municipality of Taguig, Metro Manila.

Whether or not Judge Estrella acted in accordance with his duty as an officer of the court.

NO. A judge should, in pending or prospective litigation before him, be scrupulously careful to avoid such action as may reasonably tend to waken the suspicion that his social or business relations or friendships constitute an element in determining his judicial course. He must not only render a just, correct and impartial decision but should do so in such a manner as to be free from any suspicion as to his fairness, impartiality and integrity. A decision which correctly applies the law and jurisprudence will nevertheless be subject to questions of impropriety when by a magistrate or tribunal believed to be less than impartial and honest.

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